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CNN Sues Trump Administration

Donald Trump
The only thing America likes less than Fake News? Lawyers!

CNN is upset that one of their reporters, Jim Acosta, had his press credential removed after a verbal battle with the president and allegedly accosted an intern trying to take the microphone away from Jim.

The incident that sparked the removal of credentials happened last week during a press conference. Trump called Acosta a “horrible person” and then an intern tried to take the microphone away.

Jim resisted and some are saying he was inappropriate towards the woman trying to take the microphone. See the moment that Acosta got in trouble below.

After the press conference, Acosta had his White House press credentials removed and has not been allowed back.

CNN is claiming that Trump and his administration “violated CNN and Acosta’s First Amendment rights of freedom of the press and Fifth Amendment rights to due process.”

Ted Boutrous, Counsel for CNN in the lawsuit went on CNN to explain the detail of the lawsuit.

As of publication, the White House has not given Acosta his credentials back.

What do you think about CNN bringing a lawsuit against the Trump administration over Acosta? Let us know in the comments below.


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