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CNN Ratings Collapse By 30%

There is nothing I look forward to more, than to see CNN go under COMPLETELY

CNN–once the most trusted name in cable news–is hemmorhaging viewers.

Compared to its ratings last year, CNN has lost 30 percent of its primetime viewers. In addition, the venerable network has lost 23 percent of its all-day viewers.

The unprecedented ratings collapse puts CNN in last place, behind competitors MSNBC and Fox News. But, more troubling for CNN, the ratings race isn’t even close: CNN’s total daily viewers–just 674,000 viewers–pales in comparison to MSNBC’s 972,000 and Fox News’s 1.53 million daily viewers.

CNN has had a tough year.

In July, journalist James O’Keefe of Project Veritas caught two CNN producers on hidden camera admitting that CNN’s constant reporting on the Russia scandal was likely fake, but good for ratings. O’Keefe also caught CNN pundit Van Jones admitting that the Russia investigation was a “nothingburger.”

In September, they were forced to retract a high-profile anti-Trump story about the FBI’s Russia investigation–after the article’s bombshell claims were seen to be fabricated.

As a result, CNN’s ratings have plummeted–as media consumers take their business to other news outlets that inspire more trust.


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