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CNN Blatantly Racist In Attacking Kanye West’s Support Of Donald Trump

Wearing one of these is like putting a target on your back - only for the Brave!

CNN stooped to a new low when during a discussion about Kanye West’s lunch with President Trump, one guest calls the artist a “negro” who doesn’t read.

A woman on the panel calls West an “attention whore” like the president and wants to trade Kanye in the “racial draft”. She continues and calls West the “token negro” of the Trump administration.

See the clip below.

The liberals on the panel also attacked Kanye West’s mental stability all while the lone white guy sat silent and the host, Don Lemon, just laughing away.

Don Lemon has done segments on how Trump is racist, but then laughs and encourages racism on his own show.

The reaction from Twitter has been largely supportive of Kanye.

The Imam of Peach made a strong point.

Famed journalist, Glenn Greenwald spoke about CNN’s “weaponizing of mental” health.

Donald Trump Jr. came to the defense of Kanye West.

CNN fired up Terrence K. Williams.

By Terrence’s remarks, it is clear that CNN may have lost a lot of credibility in the black community. This segment backfired on the liberal news outlet, and could have a damaging effect for the Democrats during the midterms.

What are your thoughts on CNN’s comments about Kanye West?


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