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Clinton’s Lips Are Sealed On Unfolding Weinstein Harassment Scandal

Clinton Hypocrisy
Hillary, that sign on your podium really should read, “Weinstein: 30 Years, Hundreds of Women”

Democratic strategist and former Senior Advisor to Hillary Clinton, Maria Cardona stressed that Clinton is under no obligation to offer a comment on the voluminous sexual misconduct of her close associate, and top fundraiser, Harvey Weinstein.

“You know, it’s so interesting that when she does come out to talk about something, people can’t wait to say, ‘Oh, Hillary Clinton just go away, why don’t you just shut up,’” Cardona snarked to reporters. “And then when she doesn’t say anything, people are clamoring, ‘Why isn’t Hillary Clinton talking?’” she sarcastically remarked.

“I think Hillary Clinton has earned the right to talk about what she damn well pleases when she damn well pleases,” Cardona added. “She doesn’t owe anybody anything.”

Cardona expressed that although she “would imagine” Clinton separating herself from Weinstein, she argued that neither the Obama’s nor Clinton are under any formal obligation to talk about Weinstein’s ballooning sexual assault scandal.

“Democrats did not elect a sexual predator to be in the White House,” Cardona said – forgetting that Bill Clinton was President for 8 years in the 90s. “When Republicans give back the millions and millions of dollars that the sexual-predator-in-chief that is now in the White House has helped them raise, then we can have this conversation,” she railed.

Members of the Democratic Party have been shockingly quiet about the Weinstein’s 30-year history of sexual assault, and sexual abuse. It’s no wonder, as he is a top donor to Democrats.

Even CNN has reported on the bizarre insistence by the Clinton camp that Hillary not make a statement – especially considering how she positioned herself as a fighter for women’s rights. They note, “longtime Hillary Clinton aides have been confused by the former secretary of state’s silence on the issue, questioning — in private — why she has not weighed in at all.”

However, silence – even from people like Joe Biden, who has often spoken out about the evils of sexual assault throughout his political career – should shock no one. Democrats are inherently hypocritical, and understand where their “bread is buttered.” In fact, Weinstein has a history of giving to the Clintons specifically as far back as the 90s, when he gave to Bill Clinton’s legal defense fund.

Weinstein’s vacation home in the Hamptons is right next to the Clinton’s vacation home. But his creeping influence within the Democratic party goes further. One of Obama’s daughters, 19-year-old Malia, is interning at Weinstein’s company this very year.

Lizz Winstead, co-creator of the “Daily Show” and avowed liberal, even expressed discontent at Clinton’s failure to speak up. “If you took money from this person, because this person had really good progressive goals that were in line with the politics, great. When you find out that this person is a monster, especially a monster towards women, why wouldn’t you denounce it?” she asked. “It is up to us to demand from them – and why aren’t we demanding from Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton – ‘where is your statement?” she demanded.


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