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Another Pelosi is Terrorizing the Public

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Politicos know all about Alexandra Pelosi, the firebrand documentary filmmaker and daughter of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Alexandra is brazen with her opinion as she has no voters to win over and it’s unlikely that anything she could say or do would ever scrape a vote away from her mom, now the second most powerful woman in American politics behind Kamala Harris.

But there’s a lesser-known Pelosi daughter out there that has been using her name to figuratively browbeat just about anyone that doesn’t toe the line for hard core liberal views.

Christine Pelosi is a San Francisco native holding a law degree and a bully pulpit carrying her mother’s name.

This week, the non-partisan think tank, No Labels, caught Christine Pelosi’s ire when they hired journalist Mark Halperin.

Halperin was a starring journalist on Showtime’s “The Circus” and a journalist since 1988.  In 2017, during the height of the Me Too movement, Halperin was accused of sexual harassment and apologized for pursing relationships with women he worked with.

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He was fired from NBC, MSNBC and replaced on Showtime, a heavy price to pay for hitting on co-workers.

But four years of punishment wasn’t enough for the younger Pelosi as Christine tweeted to the group, “No Labels hired an abuser and your brand value will drop – as may their future job prospects.”

Tough words for accusations.

But when accusations of sexual harassment arose against Joe Biden in 2020, Christine Pelosi sang a different tune telling the media, “I believe these issues should be vetted in private trauma-informed investigations – not on twitter.”

Hypocrisy be damned.

But No Labels wasn’t the only recent target of Nancy Pelosi’s daughter.

As a big baseball fan, Christine sits on the board of the San Francisco Giants Community Fund.  The group is a public charity with no say in the management or operations of the Giants baseball team, but that didn’t stop Pelosi from attempting to control the private donations made by the Giant’s owner, Charles Johnson.

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Johnson donated to Republicans Lauren Boebert, Madison Cawthorn, Jim Jordan and Laura Loomer among others.

Following the January 6th riot at the Capitol, Christine Pelosi went apoplectic over the Giants owner’s political contributions and demanded answers or she’d up and quit the board of the Giants community charity.

And Johnson actually did come out and state he would seek refunds from Boebert and “any other individual who found to have engaged in similar behavior.”

But, after the first quarter FEC reports were released, no refunds have been made.

Pelosi took to twitter to announce, “I’ve not heard directly from @sfgiants about whether a refund was sought but after seeing this article I gave them a great idea for a big check Johnson can write asap for a civil rights cause that would be part of justice and healing.”

While she’s thankfully not an elected official, Christine Pelosi is having a blast as she rides her mother’s coattails of influence to intimidate the public into submission to her narrow values.

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