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Christianity Under Attack In Canada

45 Christian churches have been burned to the ground or vandalized in recent attacks that have many in Canada calling it terrorism.

There are 17 sites in Canada that look like warzones. They’re all sites of churches that were intentionally set ablaze and destroyed.

Another 28 have been vandalized or defaced in some way.

See a full list of the churches here.

45 attacks in total spread out over the entire county. A couple of churches attacked would big a big deal, but wouldn’t necessarily show coordination. 45 though? That is simply too many attacks for this not to be a planned campaign to terrorize Canadian Christians destroy religious freedom.

After a search for videos of the actual fires, there seems to be shocking lack of footage online.

If some idiot tries to burn down a church in America… it is generally caught on camera.

When it comes to the 17 churches that were destroyed in Canada, there is almost no footage. Many of the news reports say that the fires had almost consumed the churches by the time the fire department even arrived on the scenes.

What is happening Canada? One of Justin Trudeau’s top advisors even said that it is “understandable” that Canadians will want to burn down churches. Is that why none of these crimes have suspects in custody? Despite not only attacking Christians specifically, but erasing the history of Canada.

Many of the churches that have been targeted are historic staples in small communities.

The first attacks started around June 26th, and they are continuing to happen. There is nobody in jail, and from the outside looking in, it doesn’t seem like the Canadian officials are even concerned.


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