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China Murdered 20 CIA Agents After Hacking Hillary’s Server

The Deep State LOVES Clinton though... is it Stockholm syndrome?

The Chinese government killed as many as 20 CIA spies between 2010 and 2012… apparently, thanks to information they gathered from hacking Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

According to the Gateway Pundit, “Hillary’s carelessness and criminal actions may have led to the deaths of 20 CIA operatives in China,” due to the classified information China received from her private emails.

Sources told the media that a Chinese-owned company based in D.C. was not just able to hack Hillary Clinton’s server, but was able to obtain her emails in real time for years–thanks to code they embedded in the server itself.

Those emails were apparently passed along to the Chinese government–enabling them to dismantle a large U.S. spy program inside the communist dictatorship.

Officially, the CIA still considers the attack part of “a massive intelligence breach whose origin has not been identified,” but considering the large amount of classified information uploaded to Clinton’s server, it’s clear that it’s likely they could have maintained critical U.S. secrets from the hacks.


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