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China begs Wisconsin state leader for praise. Here’s what he gave them instead.

china begs

Agents from the Chinese Communist Party contacted Wisconsin Senate President Roger Roth (R-Appleton), asking if he could quietly pass a resolution praising China for helping fight against Coronavirus.

Now, he’s passing a resolution slamming China for lying about Coronavirus.

According to the Wisconsin Examiner, the crazy story began when Roth received two emails claiming to be from the Chinese consulate back in February asking for the special favor. Since they came from a Hotmail email account, he disregarded them as a prank.

But on March 10, Roth received another email. He contacted the Chinese consulate, who told him that they were in fact legitimate requests: the diplomat had used his private email address for expedience.

According to Roth, the request included “propaganda and falsehoods such as: ‘China has been transparent and quick in sharing key information of the virus with the WHO and the international community, thus creating a window of opportunity for other countries to make timely response.'”

“Then I got mad, because that’s when [coronavirus] cases started cropping up here and you saw the problem exacerbated as we started to learn the truth,” Roth told the Examiner. “I just sent them back a one-word response. I said ‘nuts.’

“Then a couple of days later I said that we are going to introduce a resolution, it’s just not the one that the Chinese government wants. We’re going to introduce one that speaks the truth to the lies that I believe are being told around the world, so that’s how we ended up with the resolution as it was introduced.”

Instead, Roth put together a resolution say “that the Communist Party of China deliberately and intentionally misled the world on the Wuhan Coronavirus.”

“I think this is that moment now, where the Communist Party of China is stripped naked, and everyone can realize what they are willing to do to their own people,” Roth explained. “And just like Chernobyl led to the downfall of Communist Russia, my hope is that this will begin to bring an end to the Communist Party of China, so that the great people of China can rise and live in freedom and liberty like we do here in the west.”


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