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Chelsea Manning Attempts Suicide, Broadcasts On Social Media

It's a long way down...

Convicted leaker Private First Class Chelsea Manning—formerly Bradley Manning—attempted suicide on Sunday night.

Chelsea, who is currently running for U.S. Senate in Maryland as a Democrat, posted a cryptic note on Sunday around 8:30pm—that seemed to be a suicide letter:

“I’m sorry – I tried – I’m sorry I let you all down – I’m not really cut out for this world – I tried adapting to this world out here but I failed you – I couldn’t do this anymore – I can take people I don’t know hating me but not my own friends – I tried and I’m sorry about my failure,” Manning tweeted.

The bizarre note was followed by a photo that showed Manning’s feet on the ledge of a tall building, with the caption, “I’m sorry.”

However, Chelsea seemed to be unharmed: another tweet surfaced Monday morning, which read, “** chelsea is safe. she is on the phone with friends, thanks everyone for your concern and please give her some space.”

Manning was arrested in 2010 and convicted of stealing 251,000 State Department documents, which were shared with WikiLeaks.

Originally sentenced to more than 30 years in prison, Manning’s sentence was commuted by President Barack Obama in one of his final acts in office.

Manning came out as transgender in 2013, while serving in prison.


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