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Caught On Camera: Hillary Loses It Over Bernie Sanders

Hillary Loses It

If people think Donald Trump is a sore loser, then they need to watch this video of Hillary Clinton when she is asked about the delegate count and who is winning.

To Hillary, it doesn’t matter that she is under criminal investigation by the FBI, or that Bernie Sanders is getting thousands and thousands to show up as his rallies.

It doesn’t matter that she has only won 2 of the last 10 primaries and both of her wins have rampant reports of voter fraud. She is winning, and don’t question it!

When one reporter, from MSNBC ironically, asked about the delegates and hinted to the convention and if could Hillary be behind, Hillary went off.

Rachel Maddow asks, “June 7, 2008 is when you got out of the race and endorsed President Obama. June 7, 2016 will be the California primary, this year. Is that when—if you’re ahead in the vote, if you’re ahead in pledged delegates—”

That is when Hillary blew up at the reporter.

“I am ahead in the vote Rachel! I am way ahead in the vote! I mean… Now wait a minute. I have the greatest respect for Senator Sanders. But really, what he and his supporters are now saying just doesn’t add up. I have 2.7 million more votes than he has. I have more than 250 more pledged delegates. I’m very proud of the campaign that we have run and the support we have gotten and of course we’re gonna work together. I, as I said, I share a lot of the same goals. We are going to work together. But I am ahead and let’s start from that premise when we talk about what happens next, OK?”

This is not the cool and collected Hillary we are used to seeing but looks like someone who is a little nervous.

She is acting like a basketball coach talking to a reporter when his team is up by 7 points but blew a 40-point lead.

Between her coughing fits, the FBI, and Bernie Sanders nipping at her heels, Hillary is starting to come unraveled. Do you think she will be able to pull it together in time to win the nomination and head to the general election?

If Rachel Maddow, a fierce Democrat, can make Hillary come unhinged, it looks like Trump might do better against her than some think.


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