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Austin Petersen

The Death and Rebirth Of American Conservatism

Austin Petersen and Jack Stocker host the Freedom Report podcast to discuss the death and rebirth of American Conservatism. An article shared by Senator...
Austin Petersen

Can Trump Abolish The 14th Amendment via Executive Order?

Austin Petersen hosts a Freedom Report episode discussing President Trump's statements that he can overturn the 14th Amendment with an executive order. But is...
Austin Petersen

Facebook’s Crackdown on Politics and Sex

Kristen Thomas of Open the Doors coaching joins Austin Petersen again for another super spicy episode of the Freedom Report podcast. Petersen and Thomas...
Freedom Report

Kanye West BLASTS Democrats While wearing MAGA Hat

Austin Petersen's Freedom Report podcasts reemerges with a discussion of the culture wars coinciding with a jaw-dropping appearance by Kanye West on Saturday Night...
Austin Petersen

Right Wing Death Squads Reported in Germany

Britain's tabloids are reporting that right wing death squads embedded in Germany's military are plotting to assassinate key political figures. The Green Party leader...
Austin Petersen

Republican Foreign Policy Apocalypse

Jim Antle at the Washington Examiner writes of the "end days" on the foreign policy establishment in the Republican Party. Antle's piece reflects on...
Austin And Woolery

Austin Petersen Interviews Chuck Woolery

Austin Petersen interviews Chuck Woolery about conservatism, Donald Trump, and current affairs. Chuck Woolery is a legendary TV personality, who hosted Wheel of Fortune...
Austin Petersen

Why Can’t Most Americans Pass a US Citizenship Test?

Freedom Report host Austin Petersen discusses an article recently that showed that only 1 in 3 Americans can pass a US Citizenship test required...
Austin Petersen

Yes, They Are Coming For Our Guns

Freedom Report host Austin Petersen summarizes some of the new gun laws coming down in 2019, and goes on an epic tirade against right-wing...

Heroes of Liberty in 2018

Austin Petersen hosts the Freedom Report podcast discussing some of the great liberty candidates running for federal and local offices around the country. Petersen...

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