House Dems: TSA Should Hire More Terrorists!

Democrats want more terrorists in U.S. airports. In a true "inmates taking over the asylum" moment, 174 House Democrats...

Black Man Kills Four White Men… to Combat Racism

A black man was so "fed up" with racism... that he killed four white men. Kori Ali Muhammad, 39,...
biden docs

Hunter Biden Hides Financial Docs, Blames “Coronavirus”

Hunter Biden has asked a judge in Arkansas to delay his ongoing paternity case until after Election Day... because of "coronavirus."

California to Legalize Gay Child Rape

California thinks gay child rape should be legal... and is weighing a controversial bill that would remove penalties from "consensual" sex between...
Drug Lord

Drug Lord’s Brother Launches Bizarre Trump Effort

Someone really doesn’t want that wall. The brother of deceased drug kingpin Pablo Escobar has launched a strange new quest to impeach President Donald Trump. Roberto...

Walmart Santa Arrested After A Horrific Scene Found In Back Yard

This past holiday season, Elwyn Crocker Sr. played Santa at Walmart, now he is in jail for concealing a death and child cruelty. The bodies...
Armored Car

VIDEO: Free Money For Drivers In New Jersey After Armored Car Crash

A chaotic scene happened in New Jersey as drivers jumped out of their cars and scrambled to pick up cash after armored truck lost...

Nuns Busted After Stealing $500,000 From School

Two nuns from the St. James Catholic School in Torrance, California were busted for stealing $500,000 to fund vacations and casino trips. So far auditors...

Pervy Democrat Caught Frequenting Women’s Restroom

He should've just identified as a woman. Democratic State Sen. Daniel Kagan of Colorado announced that he'd resign after multiple women accused him of barging...

Transgender Teen Murders Parents But Gets Shockingly Light Punishment

A transgender teenager brutally stabbed his two parents to death and laughed about it while calling 911... but his light sentence is sure to...

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