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Caravan Of Migrants More Than Double Than Previously Reported

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It's an invasion... pure and simple.

Thousands of Hondurans packed up what they could and began a migrant trek to the United States. This past week, the group crossed into Mexico and now Mexican news agencies are reporting that the number of migrants is far more than ever expected.

With numbers compiled by the Catholic Diocese in Tapachula and the Mexican National Migration Institute, local news outlets are reporting that there are over 14,000 Honduran immigrants.

Just Tuesday, NBC News reported that there were just over 7,000 migrants and growing every day.

Now reports of 14,000 and those are just Hondorans. That number doesn’t include the number of people from other countries that have joined the caravan.

Trekking through Mexico the number of people in the caravan is expecting to grow as more Mexicans could join the massive group in an attempt to gain access to the United States.

It is not unrealistic to think that the number could swell to over 20,000 by the time it reaches the southern border.

While some people like Stephen Colbert on the Late Show are using this opportunity to continue to attack the president, the caravan is turning into a major midterm election topic.

With states like Texas and Arizona in the middle of some fierce battles between Democrats and Republicans, the migrant caravan could sway worried citizens to vote Republican.

With the reported number doubling in a day, this immigration crisis is much larger than we originally thought and this problem will be on our doorstep soon. Literally.

What do you think Trump should do with the migrant caravan?

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