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Can The Democratic Party Survive The 2020 Election?

Democratic Party

Ahead of the 2020 elections, it seems there is a major disconnect between what the country wants and what the Democratic Party wants.

Democrats, especially young Democrats, want something new. A recent Wall Street Journal survey of the 76 Democratic country party leaders in Iowa, 43 said, “they would prefer a young candidate.”

Instead of listening to one of the most important states in the primary process, names like Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden keep surfacing as front-runners for the Democratic Party. Hillary is 71, Bernie is 77 and Joe is 76-years-old. Combined the three potential candidates have spent 224-years on this planet with the election almost two years away.

Chris Henning, the Democratic chairwoman in Green County said, “It’s not white bread America any more, we’ve got to get with the program.

The political landscape is becoming more diverse, and the Democratic Party forgot that in 2016 with the nomination of Hillary. It was Barrack’s diversity that helped him propel the first time Senator to the White House in 2008.

Hillary was diverse in that she would have been the first female president if she won, but the Clinton brand is synonymous with Washington and that overshadowed any other Clinton characteristic.

America is begging for something new, and has been for a while. Obama was different and new at the time. Trump was different and new in 2016. If the Democrat Party wants a real chance at stopping Trump in 2020, then the candidate they nominate must be new and different.

If the feeling in Iowa is indicative of the rest of the country, then candidates like Clinton, Sanders and Biden will likely struggle in a 2020 run. Look for candidates like Kamala Harris (D-CA) and Beto O’Rourke to capture the attention on the left.

The Democratic Party has a crucial election ahead of them in 2020 and if they don’t pick the candidate the people want and force someone like Clinton onto the ballot, then it is possible the party could fracture and a new progressive wing could separate itself in the future.

It is more important than ever the Democrats find common ground, not only to have a chance at beating Trump, but more importantly, to hold the party together moving forward.

What do you think about the Democrats chances in 2020?


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