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Can Hacker Be Stopped From Deleting Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Page During Live Stream?

It's time to Hackity, hack, hack hack...

A hacker is claiming he will delete Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page during a live stream on Sunday morning.

Chang Chi-yuan is a well-known Taiwanese hacker who makes money by exposing bugs in software is now setting his sights on the world’s largest social media.

On the hacker’s Facebook page, Chang Chi-yuan posted a simple message describing his plan by saying, “Broadcasting the deletion of FB founder Zuck’s account. Scheduled to go live.”

When it comes to finding problems on websites and getting paid to do it, Chang is good at what he does. The young hacker plays for the good guys and was even listed as a special contributor in Line Corp.’s 2016 bug-hunters’ hall of fame.

If you don’t know the bug-hunter’s hall of fame, you’re probably not alone, but it is a big deal in the world of “white-hat” hackers.

Facebook has been in the news a lot recently from Senate hearings to data breaches. The last thing the tech giant needs right now is for some hacker in Taiwan to expose security holes and delete the founder’s page.

It is safe to say, Facebook will be trying to stop the attack, but can they stop the young hacker? We’ll find out live on Sunday.

Do you think the hacker will be able to delete Zuck’s Facebook page?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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