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CA State Dems All Mired In Harassment Scandals

Gov Jerry Brown
Hey, Governor Moonbeam - not all is well in your communist utopia!

As per the latest report, sexual harassment scandals and the stepping down of the Democratic officers due to these allegations have blown out the democrats as they lose their majority in the California State Administration . Hence, saving the Californian people from all the Tax hikes for a few next months.

Raul Bocanegra and Matt Dababneh, already stepped down from their offices as the sexual assault allegations took a hike against them. November of this year saw Bocanegra step down as the Los Angeles Times reported a story including the details of sexual allegations from a total of 6 different women. These women accused him of sexual harassment and sexual assault. On the other hand, Dababneh said that he would step down from his office on January 1, next year, as he too faced several allegations about him engaging in sexual behavior that includes masturbating in front of a lobbyist.

As per the survey, Democrats have strong support to keep both the seats, but the elections for these representative’s replacements would not be taking place anytime soon. In addition, with both these votes absent during the voting, Democrats are losing their majority, as they need to clear any tax hikes, which happens to be the favorite pastime of the Californian Assembly.

At the same time, the Democrats continue to face the problems with both, Bocanegra and Dababneh, as the Assembly has a total of three hearings that are scheduled for the month of January, including the Democratic Lawmakers, without any anticipated end date.

These scandals further effected California – a Democratic ruled senate as the Senators with loads of power, like Senator Mendoza are stripped of his posts, as he too faces various allegations on having behaved in a wrong and inappropriate manner with the Staffers and of any disciplinary actions that he might need be facing because of his actions.

These Sexual allegations have finished all the governmental work in Sacramento and have brought it to a complete stop, as the Senate leader De Leon and the Assembly Speaker – Anthony Rendon, try and manage the damage that has been done and to safeguard the Democratic image in the region. Furthermore, just during the beginning of the month, De Leon went on and announced that the senate has now two separate lawyers from law firms and to investigate the allegations that are helping in the investigation of the allegations faced by the senators related to sexual misconduct. Also, many steps have been taken to make the reporting processes better. Similarly, the assembly has hired another law firm in order to conduct independent investigations into alleged misbehavior and sexual assault accusations including that of Dababneh.

These scandals have been brought forward at a critical time too, as the Leon who is expected to be a strong contender for the U.S. Senate’s seat which is being vacated by the retirement of Dianne Feinstein. The survey also said that the activists in Sacramento are protesting the handling of the sexual harassment cases and claim that he has not done a lot to protect the female staffers who were abused by the alleged democratic members.



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