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Burned Alive: Government Burns Land, Homes, And Cattle

government burns

The occupation of federal land in Oregon by protesters may be hard to follow if you rely on the reports of the mainstream media.

The protesters holed-up in the wildlife refuge are not spokesmen or attorneys and understandably have a hard time expressing to the public why they’re taking a stand and explaining the events that have led up to the occupation.

The video below speaks for itself (skip to 3:10 to see what this is all about):

If you made it to the end of the video, you’ll see the home catch fire and the burned faces and hides of cattle that did nothing more than get in the way of the federal government.

The government has provided no legitimate reasons for its actions and it appears the fires were set and spread only to instigate local ranchers and kill their livestock through fire or starvation.

Make sense now?


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