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Breitbart Silent on Trump Attack on Freedom Caucus

Breitbart is still here, just not there.

The online publication Breitbart, which was formerly headed by White House Strategist Steve Bannon and was defined as the nexus of the Alt-Right by the corporate media, has seemed to have lost its independence.

Following a morning tweet by President Donald Trump that has been seen as an all-out assault on Congress’ most conservative members, Breitbart, the supposed leader of the right, has been silent.

Trump told his 27.2 million Twitter followers that they “must fight” members of the Freedom Caucus who refuse to go along with Paul Ryan’s extension of ObamaCare.

Five hours after the tweet, not a single headline appeared on about the matter.

Instead, there were timely articles on Hillary’s email scandal, Chris Christie’s “Bridgegate” and an article about a gun falling out of an inmate’s rear end.

While Breitbart’s editors appear to be downplaying Trump’s twist to destroy their favorite members of Congress, the site’s readers were well aware of the threat.

One commenter, Incurablewound, repeated Trump’s tweet followed by “Don’t fight the people that elected you President Trump . . .”

Another, maganow, was a bit more blunt, “So Trump is no sucking face with Ryan, his sworn enemy, and telling Freedom Caucus to go pound sand? Wrong move Trump.”

Fatnot responded, “Looks like Trump might get primaried in 2020.”

Finally, one Breitbart commenter, Dougout, summed up what is going on, “This is the REAL Trump y’all were warned about.”

While Steve Bannon may still have a strangle hold on the headlines that go on the empire built by Andrew Breitbart, the late founder’s spirit lives on in the principled people who continue to read and engage with the publication.

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[UPDATE: After six hours, the editor’s at Breitbart allowed an article on President Trump’s attack on the Freedom Caucus to appear. The article, which can be found here, treaded lightly and only quoted from Freedom Caucus member Dave Brat. There was no criticism of Paul Ryan’s amendment to ObamaCare or a questioning of Trump’s motivation to attack America’s most conservative members of Congress. Breitbart’s readers did not call for it. ]


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