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Breaking: Megyn Kelly Is Leaving Fox News

megyn kelly

Megyn Kelly has confirmed that she is leaving Fox News, but you might be surprised where she is going next.

Megyn Kelly has moved up in the ranks at Fox News for more than a decade to become a powerhouse that rivals even the cable news king, Bill O’Reilly. Bill doesn’t have to look over his shoulder any more at Fox, because Kelly is leaving.

The 46-year-old anchor is taking her talents to NBC News. Megyn made the announcement on Facebook earlier today.

Megyn is leaving a giant hole for Fox News and this is one Tweet the top cable news company did not want to send.

Notice how Fox News didn’t thank Megyn Kelly in their tweet like she did in hers.

The departure comes after a few public battles during the election season.

Not only did Megyn Kelly have a very public disagreement with Donald Trump stemming from the first primary debate, she also allegedly accused the former CEO of Fox News, Roger Ailes of sexual harassment.

Kelly also didn’t like being called a Clinton lover.

Megyn Kelly has become a big star over the last decade on the right leaning Fox News. Maybe NBC News is trying to balance out is generally left leaning messaging.

NBC got a good one. Not only is Megyn Kelly the top female on cable news, she is a best-selling author and we can expect a lot more from Megyn in the coming years.

Do you think this was a good move for Megyn Kelly? Let us know in the comments.


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