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Black Establishment Breaks For Bernie


Senator Bernie Sanders continues to gain momentum in his fight against establishment Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Bernie is “Trump” of the DNC’s nomination process.

With his war cry, “enough is enough” Bernie is leading with promises of breaking Wall Street and providing free college to everyone.

The self-professed socialist, Sanders is a master of playing the race card by telling stories of industry pitting white workers against blacks – which is what his stories do as well.

Bernie has the support of black intellectual Cornell West, rappers, and other prominent African Americans.

Nationally, Sanders is polling at 38%, thirteen points behind Hillary.

While Cornell West and other black elites think Hillary should give it up to the Bern, Black voters aren’t quite ready for the Sandstorm.

In an October article on The Root, Charles Ellison laid out the reason why black voters aren’t quite convinced . . . and the reasons were incredibly shallow.

Ellison recommended that Bernie should spend his Sunday’s watching black pastors as Sanders’ pitch is “too depressing.”

Despite Bernie embracing the Black Lives Matter movement that is largely made up of millennial black activists, the support has been a one-way ticket to racism.

Black millennial simply don’t feel the Bern and remain in the establishment’s slave housing that Clinton, as the likely deed holder once Obama moves onto his Hawaii beach, will keep cozy for them.


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