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Bill Clinton Says The FBI Is Playing Games With Email

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton doesn’t think that our data security is important and accuses the FBI of playing games with their criminal investigation into Hillary’s emails.

Bill Clinton, the former president who has sent two emails in his life, is defending his wife’s email problems with a joke and a claim that the FBI is just playing around.

Is it a game? No.

The Clinton machine is worried about the email investigation. The Department of Justice gave immunity to Hillary’s former IT employee. Normally immunity is only reserved for people who give up a lot of information on big crimes. This crime would fall under that category.

The threat of indictment is more possible now than ever before, and now Bill is covering for her as well, but that may not work out.

Bill is considered less of a statesman and more of a playboy at this point in his life. He is a loose cannon on the campaign trail, but still pulls the crowds.

Just last month, Bill criticized Obama a few times while he was campaigning for Hillary and he took some heat for his comments.

Recently he blew up at some Black Lives Matters protestors at a rally. He is not the campaigner he was in the 90’s.

The fact that he is out speaking on the email server at all is a hint to the real stress that is going on inside the Hillary campaign and the investigation’s real risk of halting Hillary’s White House plans before the general election.

So when is the FBI going to finalize this? Who knows. The wise bet is sometime between now and the Democratic convention in July. Something needs to come to a head before the Democrats select a presidential candidate.

Obama won’t let the Democratic Party lose out on the election if Hillary has to be indicted. The announcement will come before the Democrats pick a nominee for President the last week of July.

So the countdown begins. The game is afoot, and a majority of the fans really hope that Hillary is indicted. Not because of hate for Hillary, but because Americans are tired of seeing our politicians getting away with crimes.

Bill knows something about getting away with a crime or two, but his wife doesn’t play the game like he does. Each day this scandal drags on, the worse it is getting for the Clintons. If Hillary is indicted, it is officially game over for them.

Do you think it is a game or is Hillary really going to get indicted? Let us know in the comments!


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