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Biden’s Words Coming Back To Haunt Him

Biden has said a lot of things, bold things, that may have seemed strong and wise at the time, but didn’t age well. 

First his words on Afghanistan and how they were going to remove troops. He said it wasn’t going to be like Saigon where helicopters were rescuing people from the embassy.

See Biden’s answer when asked if Afghanistan is similar to Saigon.

Then Afghanistan fell, and the images that came out looked a lot like Vietnam.

When it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine, in December of 2020 then president-elect spoke on how he was going to handle the crisis.

When asked about if the vaccines should be mandatory, he said “No, I don’t think it should be mandatory. I wouldn’t demand it to be mandatory.”

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Flash-forward to Thursday, September 9th and here Joe Biden lays down vaccine mandates.

Biden doesn’t have a very good track record with the most important issues facing us today. 

What will he say next? Or maybe more importantly, what will he do next?