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Biden’s biggest Failure… Cyber Security?

As the largest ransomware attack in history is still being fixed, the Biden administration doesn’t seem to be moving fast enough to face the increase in cyber threats.

Just last month, Biden’s team was still trying to fill key members of the cyber security team.

We’ve seen pipelines get shut down, supply chains rocked and businesses having to pay millions to get their computers back up and running.

The pace of the attacks seem to be increasing as well as scope. This is never good thing when it comes to crime. Additionally a lot of these cyber criminals are getting away with it.

Joe Biden did ask Vladimir Putin to stop the hacks and that some should just be off limits.

When asked if Russia was guilty of this past weekend’s attack, Biden responded by saying, “I’m not sure.”

We’re not sure if Biden is taking cyber threats seriously enough?

If these attacks continue to get worse and worse without proper punishment then Biden’s legacy will be built on an insecure foundation.


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