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Biden Reverses Trump Executive Orders, Cancelling Heroes

Joe Biden has been busy reversing Trump’s regulatory work as well as the former president’s executive orders.

The latest rounds of reversals killed Trump’s plan for the “National Garden of American Heroes” which was to honor some of 244 historical figures from Davy Crockett to Harriet Tubman.

Biden also rolled back Trump’s protection of national monuments that have been the target of BLM and Antifa activists over the last year.

Finally and most significantly, Trump’s executive order to stop online censorship was killed.

The executive orders, 13978,  1399 and 1399 respectively, join 24 other executive actions by Trump that have been reversed within Biden’s first 100 days in office.

In addition to the three above, Biden also reversed orders on foreign assistance, and protecting Americans from regulatory overcriminalization.

Since the killing of George Floyd over 106 monuments across America have been removed or destroyed.  The purge of monuments is an attempt to erase Confederate history from our nation’s past under the false premise that Civil War was fought over slavery.

Biden’s refusal to protect national monuments while cancelling the creation of a Garden of American Heroes falls in line with the Left’s current “woke” culture.


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