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Stop Ben Stop: Carson To Drop This Week

Carson To Drop

Since July of last year, Ben Carson went from frontrunner of the GOP nomination to clinging on the bottom of the pack.

Carson’s drop is closely tied to CNN’s attack on the truth of his past and the overall integrity of the candidate.

The candidate’s funds dried up late last year and even after a campaign shakeup, his new staff was quickly putting out feelers for new jobs.

Carson was determined to move forward despite his poor performance, but following Super Tuesday’s results the neurosurgeon announced that he sees “no path forward” to winning the GOP nomination.

While not officially dropping from the race just yet, he’ll make his big announcement at a gathering of conservatives, CPAC, this week.

It’s typical for candidates to negotiate deals with other campaigns before making their announcement to suspend their campaigns.

In 2008, Ron Paul refused to drop out until he negotiated stage time during the Republican National Convention.

Given the feud between Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Carson, it is unlikely that the outside-the-beltway candidate will be backing him.

Carson and Trump have maintained peace through the campaign season aside from one insult from the billionaire that he has since downplayed.

Will Carson jump behind Trump, Rubio or none of the above? Comment below.


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