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Ben Carson Shocks His Supporters With Endorsement

Ben Carson

There is no doubt that Ben Carson has magical hands. For a brief moment during the primary season, his campaign seemed magical. Then Donald Trump happened. Donald started attacking Carson. It didn’t help that Ben Carson said that Joseph built the pyramids to store grain either.

Carson’s numbers fell and eventually he dropped out of the race two weeks ago. That brings us to today when Dr. Ben Carson, once a rival of Trump, now endorsing him.

To some this came as a huge surprise and the Twitter universe began attacking immmediatly.

The left continues to attack Trump on race, even though Dr. Ben Carson got on board the Trump Train.

Some of Dr. Carson’s most loyal supporters felt betrayed.

The truth of the matter is, this was a good move for Dr. Ben Carson and it shows that what is most important to the good doctor is America. He knows they have to rally around one candidate in order to beat Hillary in the fall.

Ben Carson thinks that Donald Trump is the person that can beat the establishment. The same establishment that Dr. Carson was fighting when he was in the race is the one he continues to fight by joining Trump.

When it comes to personalities, Trump and Carson couldn’t be different, but when it comes to politics, they are pretty close. They buried the hatchet for what is best for America, and now it is time that the GOP does the same thing.


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