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Announced: Obama Sheds Tears For Gun Control, Gun Owners Shed Tears Over Executive Actions

Gun Control

President Obama took to the podium on Tuesday to announce his new gun control measures.

Appealing to moderates, Obama focused on gun safety and mental health, specifically suicide.

The measures, which sound reasonable to the low information voter, will position opposition of Obama’s measures as extremists.

Second Amendment supporters and the NRA are in for a fight.

Obama openly cried during the press conference when thinking of “the children” as an emotional ploy to gain support for his extreme measures.

The president’s proposal includes mental health reporting to reduce the number of suicides by guns.

Sounds reasonable, right?

Wrong . . .

This opens the door to activist doctors who would be able to flag a patient at whim to remove their right to purchase a firearm.

It is already common practice for hospitals to ask the parents of newborns if they own a firearm. Activist doctors looking out for the “safety of the children” will be able to flag these homes for just about any reason they can make up.

The second action by Obama on gun control includes what he calls “gun safety.”

In reality, the proposals are gun tracking.

Obama simplified the issue by stating, “If you can track down a lost tablet, you should be able to find a stolen gun.”

Will this tracking technology be used only when a gun is reported stolen? Will the government kick in your door if the signal to your legally-owned firearm is lost due to a low battery on the GPS device?

Obama also stated that guns should only be able to used with a fingerprint match to the gun and the gun owner.

These new measures come on top of an executive action that will require nearly anyone who sells a firearm to register as a firearms dealer – a measure that will eliminate the gun collector market and freeze the assets of millions of Americans who invest in firearms.

Hunters and others will also be impacted. It is common for gun owners to sell a firearm as part of an upgrade or desire to buy a new model. Unless they register as a dealer, they will have to hold their investment of previously purchased rifles and handguns and save up for a new purchase.

The equivalent is requiring anyone who sells a used car to register as an auto-dealer.

The background check to become a licensed firearms dealer takes an average of 12 months and an investment of several thousands dollars.


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