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Angry countries reject “charity” from China


European countries have started turning on China.

Authorities in Spain, Turkey, and the Netherlands have rejected Chinese-made medical supplies, designed to combat the Coronavirus pandemic.

The main reason? China’s selling–not giving away, but selling–these virus-ravaged countries faulty goods.

On Saturday, the Dutch health ministry announced that they were recalling 600,000 much-needed face masks. The masks had been delivered two weeks ago from China and had already been used by doctors and nurses.

“Now it has been decided not to use any of this shipment,” they said, in a statement.

Spain, which received testing kits from a Chinese company, also found out that nearly 60,000 tests were faulty.

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Last week, the Czech Republic also reported that 80% of the tests they had purchased from China were defective.

Despite China’s best efforts to clean up the global catastrophe–including spreading baseless propaganda to absolve them from blame–it’s clear that the world is continuing to hold them responsible.


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