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An Idaho mom was arrested on Tuesday in front of her children… for using a public playground

public playground

The playground in Meridian, Idaho, had been closed under a statewide shutdown for the coronavirus pandemic.

Sara Brady, 40, was charged with one count of misdemeanor trespassing.

The story began to gather attention on social media, after a fellow parkgoer posted a video on Facebook, showing the arrest–as Brady’s young children looked on.

Police demanded that Brady, as well as other parents and kids on a “playdate” at the playground, leave the park. Brady refused to do so–and when the officer threatened to arrest her, Brady responded with: “Do it.”

The people of Meridian, however, seemed to be on Brady’s side.

Following her arrest, roughly 100 people held a protest outside of Meridian City Hall.

“I feel like I was singled out because I was the only person that was arrested,” Brady told local news outlet KBOI. “I wasn’t the only person standing on the bark. I definitely wasn’t playing on the playground equipment. I wasn’t swinging, never touched them. But yeah, I do feel like I was singled out and maybe it was because I asked too many questions.”

If convicted of trespassing, Brady faces up to a $1,000 fine and 6 months in jail–for taking her kids to a playground.


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