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Americans Fail At Knowing America

History Book
Ah, nothing quite like a Government Education....

The results of a very embarrassing survey were released this week outlining how bad American’s understand our own history.

The survey revealed that only a third of Americans can pass the “U.S. Citizenship Test” and only 19% under the age of 45 could pass. The actual citizenship test requires 60% correct to pass, and only 36% tested passed.

According the survey results only 28% could identify the original 13 states. Only 24% could name one think Benjamin Franklin was famous for.

There are actually 2% of the people out there that believe climate change started the cold war.

The results are scary, and especially the number saying that only 19% of people under 45-years-old passed. For more evidence to the youngest generations lack of historical knowledge watch as Mark Dice interviews people on a California beach.

It is bad out there. Some people wanted to end women’s suffrage before the election.

Will Witt went on the streets of Hollywood to ask people actual questions on the citizenship test and watch how many people failed. Of course they could name all three Kardashian sisters.

As the political divide continues to grow in America, it seems our history is being abandoned. From statues being removed to the American flag being removed from the Neil Armstrong movie, we are ignoring our history. Without knowledge and understanding of where we came from we will not have a clear vision of where to go.

What are your thoughts on the survey and American’s ability to pass our own citizenship test? Let us know in the comments below.


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