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Americans are unhappiest in 50 years


2020 has been a rough year for Americans.

In fact, more Americans are unhappy than they’ve been in nearly 50 years.

According to a study conducted by the University of Chicago, just 14 percent of Americans say they’re very happy.

That’s less than half of the 31 percent who said they were very happy back in 2018.

Loneliness also seems to be skyrocketing. 50 percent say they’ve often or sometimes felt isolated in recent weeks–compared to just 23 percent in 2018.

Overall, this is the most unhappy Americans have been since 1972, when the survey began.

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2020 has brought its share of uncertainty and misery–from a global pandemic, to an economic crash, to the protests and riots surrounding high-profile police brutality cases.

But, unfortunately, Americans also don’t seem to think things will be getting better any time soon.

The poll also finds that just 4 in 10 Americans believe their children will have a better standard of living than they do–the lowest on record since 1994.