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American Rail System Next Terror Target?

"All aboard the Allah Akbar Express!!"

Amtrak is the nation’s cripplingly incompetent state-sponsored railway company. Besides being perpetually late, and unreliable, recent reports show that Amtrak is not taking security seriously, making it a prime target for the next major terrorist attack.

The Executive Director for the Middle East Media Research Institute – MEMRI, Steven Stalinsky says that the Amtrak sources he had had a discussion with went on to reveal critical information on the security steps that are being cut down to cut down on costs this holiday season.

As Stalinsky said, he himself is a “frequent rider on Amtraks’ Washington, D.C., Union Station to New York Penn State Acela route,” claims that the Amtrak security has stopped checking its paddenger’s tickets, as they board the trains and are not even requiring the basic identifications for those purchasing the tickets.

The Employees at Amtrak also confirm the new, and lenient security measures in place and said that he and some other passengers were very surprised to learn about the situation at Amtrek.

“I was surprised, a few weeks ago, to find that Amtrak personnel were no longer checking passengers’ tickets at the entry gate, nor requesting ID for ticket purchases,” Stalinsky went on to add in his report on the MEMRI’s website. “Pointing this out to the conductor, I was informed that these are new cost-cutting measures, and this was confirmed by other Amtrak employees.”

“While Amtrak may be maintaining security in other ways—with bomb-detecting dogs, video surveillance, and its own hard-working police force diligently monitoring threats—the absence of security at the gate leaves a major gap which will not go unnoticed by terrorist groups or lone-wolf sympathizers who are scoping out sites to target,” Stalinksy added in his report.

In his comments to the news sources on the matter, Stalinsky simply said that he asked many of the Amtrak employees about their shift in the security policy “and no one was happy. They were in agreement this wasn’t good for security,” he had stated.

He also went on to say that as he reached out to the Amtrak superior ‘contacts’, they too confirmed the cost-cutting measures as the lack of security.

In their comment, Amtrak said that their utmost concerns lie on the security of its passengers but avoided to directly respond to questions on the change in the security procedures.

“Amtrak continues to maintain a strong security posture to keep our passengers, employees, and the railroad safe,” the spokesperson from Amtrak said. “Robust security measures are in place at stations and on trains, and along the tracks. We are also partnering with federal, local, and state agencies to gather and share intelligence.”


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