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American Politics: The Best Of Times And The Worst Of Times

Tale of Two Parties

This election cycle is turning into the Tale of Two Parties with a wild story that even Charles Dickens couldn’t imagine. Despite all the protests and negative news, the Republican Party is the one that is surprisingly benefiting from this crazy election.

It is without question that we are having the most unique and contested battle for President that any of us have ever seen. This election cycle will be quite historic and the people of America are speaking up, and speaking loud.

The Republicans have had more votes cast for Donald Trump up to this point than Romney had in total in 2012. That is impressive.

The Democrats and Hillary have spent millions and millions of dollars in order to capture fewer votes that she got in 2008 when she ran for president.

Despite the resistance of the Republican establishment to a Donald Trump presidency, he is performing incredibly well and has eliminated 16 other candidates from winning the nomination outright.

Hillary still hasn’t put away Bernie Sanders, and many of his loyal fans hate Hillary just as much as Trump. The Democratic Party is nervous about voter turnout and they should be. Not all of Bernie’s supporters are going to rally behind Hillary just because she’s a Democrat.

Hillary may be forced to add Bernie as her running mate just to have a chance at winning.

Trump is starting to really run away with this, and no matter what Ted Cruz does to peel off delegates like partnering with John Kasich to collude against Donald, it’s not going to help.

If the Republican Party were smart, it would see the writing on the wall and rally behind Trump. They would spend the next couple months grooming him to be ready for the general election and to be president. They would stop the infighting.

The Democrats have allowed felons to vote in Virginia and they are trying to find ways to add votes to the general election because they see the writing on the wall. This is going to be a blowout and the Republicans are missing their opportunity.

If the Republican establishment starts supporting Trump now, way ahead of the convention, then together than could increase his favorability ratings and lead him to the nomination and the Presidency. The votes are there. This is the best chance for a Republican to win in a long time.

On the other hand, this is the worst time to be a Democrat. Hillary, who is still under criminal investigation by the FBI, does not have the votes and the party is fractured like never before.

It is going to be interesting to watch how this Tale of Two Parties plays out.


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