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America Is In Serious Trouble After Latest CDC Warning

Exasperated Doctor
"I can't believe we needed to say this... I QUIT!"

America has a lot of problems right now. We have a great political divide in this nation, immigration struggles, race issues, but the latest warning from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention shows how deep our problems really go.

The CDC released a warning that is seriously scary.

That’s right, the CDC had to warn people to not use condoms twice. Apparently enough people wash and reuse condoms that the CDC had to bring it up.

The epidemic is so rampant that they even made a video about the use of condoms and why you should only use them and then throw them away.

Our country is in real trouble if we have to tell people not to reuse condoms. This is right up there with parts of California threatening jail time for people that use plastic straws, but for opposite reasons. We’re supposed to used straws multiple times, not condoms.

Jeez, what is wrong with some people? Don’t we have bigger issues to handle? What’s next, anyone can use any bathroom?


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