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Ambassador Nikki Haley Gives Her Take On The Charlottesville Disaster

Nikki Haley
Remember when Nikki Haley ordered the removal of confederate monuments in 2015? She must be really smiling now!

Nikki Haley, Ambassador to the United Nations, and former governor of South Carolina took to CNN to voice her opinion on the Charlottesville Disaster. As governor, Haley is most remembered for a 2015 push to remove all Confederate monuments from South Carolina statehouse grounds.

“I had a personal conversation with the president about Charlottesville and I will leave it at that,” she said evasively, while talking with “New Day” on CNN. “But I will tell you that there is no room for hate in this country. I know the pain that hate can cause.”

Haley, whose parents are immigrants from India, said that she believes the country needs to identify and then strongly isolate “haters.” According to Haley, people who constantly spew hate speech should be made to admit that they are a small minority.

“Our country is founded on so much more than that [hatred],” she added.

However, she did defend President Trump’s response saying that she believes Trump adequately and unequivocally renounced violence and hatred.

“And it’s something that we don’t stand for in America,” she said. “And I think that the president clarified that last night.”

“When we open our hearts to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice, no place for bigotry and no tolerance for hate,” Trump once again reiterated during his speech on Afghanistan strategy. Trump insisted that blame for the violence and destruction lay equally with, “both sides.”

In his speech, Trump announced that the US will not be pulling out any troops from Afghanistan and instead will be committed to a new strategy that will aim to win the war. For Trump, a quick exit from Afghanistan could result in a power vacuum that will in turn create a safe haven for terrorists.

In another interview on ABC’s “Good Morning America” earlier on Tuesday, Haley further reiterated that she had a private talk with President Trump and that it had been “taken very well.”


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