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Almost 100% Of Trump Google Searches Go To Liberal Sites

I'm beginning to think that they might just have a little too much power over our society...

A journalist for PJ Media decided to search “Trump” on Google to see if there was any bias in the results. The outcome is shocking.

In an article about Google search results when “Trump” is mentioned found that 96% of sites found are liberal leaning sites.

Using the Sharyl Attkisson’s media bias chart, the author found that most of the stories relating to Trump came from obvious liberal sources and limited the results of more conservative outlets.

The media source with the most links was CNN. Almost twice as many stories than the runner-up. Second place was the Washington Post while other liberal stapes showed up as well.

Only Fox News and The Wall Street Journal had any in the top 100 news articles under the search for Trump.

The results from the search test seem to show a clear bias by Google that leans heavily left. Google isn’t alone. Facebook and Twitter have recently banned or limited content from conservative voices. YouTube, which Google owns, has also demonetized or banned some right leaning voices on their platform. Alex Jones being the most recognizable lately.

Witness some of the bias at Twitter in this undercover video by Project Veritas.

Next time you search for something on Google, see where they are sending you? Check to see if they are silencing voices on the right by not including them in your search results.

If you search “Trump 2020” under the news tab on Google and get nothing but Vox, CNN, MSNBC and Vanity Fair; then its easy to see both sides are not being represented equally.

What do you think? Is Google doing it on purpose, or is CNN really that popular? Let us know in the comments below.


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