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After Slipping Polls, The New Darling Of The Left Goes On The Attack

Beto O'Rourke
What a goofy looking guy...

In the Texas Senate race, Beto O’Rourke and Ted Cruz squared off Tuesday night in a heated debate where O’Rourke shifted gears from his normal “unity” talk to attack Cruz.

The two faced off in San Antonio in what will likely be the last debate before the November 6th election. O’Rourke went on the offensive early with a strategy to compensate for his slipping poll numbers.

According to Real Clear Politics, O’Rourke got within four points of Cruz’s lead in the middle of September, but has now slipped to a seven-point deficit.

O’Rourke played a Trump card by calling Cruz “lying Ted” and saying, “Senator Cruz is not going to be honest with you. He’s going to make up positions and votes that I’ve never held.”

For every attack, Cruz had a response, and the Republican incumbent didn’t let O’Rourke gain any ground.

See debate highlights below.

Democrats have dreamt of the day they can turn Texas blue. The state hasn’t elected a Democrat Senator since 1994 and despite the overwhelming financial support contributed to O’Rourke’s campaign; it isn’t looking good for the Senate hopeful.

The Kavanaugh hearings energized the Republican base and since the confirmation we have seen a steady rise in Cruz’s poll numbers. The Real Clear Politics average has Cruz up by 7% with only three weeks left to go until voting day.

If O’Rourke wanted to do something big to help him gain some ground, the debate on Tuesday was the place to do it. Now without any more debates and just a few weeks until voting, there may be no chance for the Democrats to break the streak of Republican Senators this year.

What do you think? Do you think Cruz will hold off O’Rourke or will the Democrat challenger pull off an epic win? Let us know in the comments below


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