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Activist Laura Loomer Jumps Pelosi’s Wall

Nancy Pelosi
Walls for ME... but not for THEE...

Conservative activist and investigative journalist Laura Loomer has rapidly made a name for herself within the past few years.

Loomer is a master of the confrontation, hitting up a slew of politicians on the left, including James Comey and Hillary Clinton.

On Monday, Laura Loomer pulled a stunt that went viral within minutes, even trending the word “Loomer” on Twitter – ironically, Laura had been kicked off of the platform months ago.

Staging a tent in front of Nancy Pelosi’s California mansion that was sprayed with the word “Immorality” Loomer and several illegal immigrants hung photos of Americans slain by illegal aliens along the top of the tent.


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Welcome to #LaCasaDeNancy! EVERYONE IS WELCOME HERE!!!! @speakerpelosi @cocacola #IMMORALITY

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But Loomer didn’t stop there.

House Speaker Pelosi’s extravagant home is surrounded by a wall which Loomer and the illegals jumped.

Laura crossed Pelosi’s expansive lawn and walked right up to her front door demanding entry.

Loomer even tried the door which was locked.


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They make me sound so fun. #BuildTheWall

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Police were of course called to the scene and surprisingly no arrests were made or citations were issued – and the illegal immigrants from Mexico and Guatamala accompanying Loomer were free to leave.

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