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75% Of Americans Loved Trump’s Speech

Donald Trump
"Who wants to Make America Great Again?"

Democrats in Congress might have spent the whole night scowling—but the American people loved Trump’s State of the Union address.

According to a CBS poll of viewers, 75% of Americans approve of Trump’s speech, while just 25% did not.

In addition, 65% said the speech made them feel proud, and 35% said it made them feel safer—while just 14% said the speech made them feel scared, and 21% said it made them feel angry.

But it wasn’t just Trump receiving rave reviews: 54% of viewers said that the policies Trump laid out in his speech would help them. 32% said the policies would not affect them, and only 14% said the policies in Trump’s speech would hurt them.

Trump’s optimistic, conciliatory tone in the speech was in direct contrast to the Democrats—many of whom were wearing black, to support the #MeToo movement against sexual assault. Democrats were caught frequently on camera scowling, and refused to applaud for nearly everything the President said—including, awkwardly, the Congressional Black Caucus, who sat stone-faced when Trump bragged about black unemployment reaching historical lows.

Trump’s approval rating has been hovering around 40% for weeks—but if the response to his State of the Union address is any indication, he could see a substantial bump in support.


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