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5,600 Readers Tell Fox News to “Get it Right!” In Oregon

Fox News

Yesterday, Citizen Action launched a petition asking Fox News to “Get it Right” in their coverage of protesters occupying federal land in Oregon.

To date, Fox hosts and commentators have referred to the activists as “militia” which brands the Americans as “kooks” and extremists.

While the constitutional term for militia is honorable and the right of Americans, the media has vilified the word to put it side-by-side with Timothy McVeigh and the term “domestic terrorists.”

Sen. Harry Reid has already defined the Ammon Bundy and his family as “domestic terrorists.”

Over 5,600 readers have signed the petition asking Fox News to get it right and refer to the group of Americans who are risking their lives to stand up against the federal government as “activists” or even “protesters.”

Referring to the group as “militia” is a term that results in closed-minded thinking.

The mainstream media commonly reports riots of the group “Black Lives Matter” as protests and should easily refer to the Oregon Occupation as the same.

Stay tuned for updates from Fox News on the matter and if you have not already done so, sign the petition here.


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