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Donald Trump Exposes Even More Of Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton

The Donald Trump campaign is not known for holding back at all, and the new campaign ad against Hillary proves how far Trump is willing to go.

A new, very short Instagram campaign ad was released by the Trump campaign this week that features two of Bill Clinton’s alleged sexual victims. The video features audio from the sex-assault accuser Kathleen Willey and the voice of Juanita Broaddrick, who has accused Bill of rape.

Watch the ad here.

The video ends with Hillary laughing and but we doubt Hillary is laughing right now. The Hillary camp should be very worried.

Hillary hasn’t even knocked Bernie Sanders out of the race yet and in May she is facing an attack that in any other year would have been considered a desperation ad the last week of the campaign. Not for Trump though, he does things differently. Will Hillary be able to adapt?

The ad hits Bill hard, but it is only 15 seconds. Donald Trump and his campaign have not taken the gloves off yet. These ads that he is releasing seem more like promo videos for future talking points in the debates. (If Hillary can make it that far.)

Attacking Bill and labeling Hillary as an enabler is a great tactic. It puts Bill on the defensive and makes him look like a bad campaigner, and it hurts Hillary on women’s issues. Female voters are the largest deficit in the demographics of Trump supporters.

These ads will hurt her now and she still hast to face Bernie in the California primary. If Bernie can somehow win the primary in the delegate gold mine of California he could still have a chance.

Trump is hitting Hillary hard and it has the possibility to help Bernie turn the Democratic Convention into a nightmare where Bernie and Hillary supporters duke it out like they did at the Nevada Convention.

Meanwhile, Trump and the GOP will sit back and watch the Democratic Party burn while Trump strolls into the White House. It could happen. Heck, anything is possible this election year.


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