White Girl Viscously Beaten For Standing Her Ground

Girl Vicously Beaten

One thing that the politically correct culture does not realize is that individuals have a right to be prejudiced and even bigoted.

As long as they don’t use force or fraud against others, it really does not matter what one thinks or says. That’s the freedom of America.

But in the scenario played out in this video, a young white girl was confronted by a large black girl for using the “slur we cannot say.”

When asked, “Who are you calling a nigga?” the young Caucasian girl responded defiantly, “you.”

And that’s all it took.

A single word (spoken by a person of the wrong color) resulted in this type of viscous violence.

Unfortunately, many in the black community has used the word as an excuse to vent their hatred and violence on others and use it as a trigger word to assault others.

Watch here:

And here’s an intoxicated Hispanic man being brutalized for the same reason: