What The Mexican People Are Saying About Trump


While Mexican Americans, led by the media and the left, have their heads ‘sploding over GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, we took a look at the top publications in Mexico to see what our Southern neighbor thinks about the presidential election.

And the result?

Surprisingly, not much.

While the top publication took glee in the recent Anonymous hack on Trump and refers to him as the “Human Orange” the Mexican people are too concerned with their own affairs, government corruption, cartels and trials to really worry about the plight of Mexican immigrants in the United States.

The general feeling is that those who illegally cross the border are the poor, uneducated, and those “unwilling to help themselves” within their native borders.

They also place blame on their own government for failing to provide the basic resources to those same people and find it shameful that the wages earned by illegal Mexicans in the United States outpace their own government’s spending on the same class of people.

In an op-ed published this week, Mexican Law Professor Mario Melgar-Adalid expressed concern over “nativism” by “white, middle-class, Protestants” but added that regardless of Trump’s winning or losing in November, it will be a foregone conclusion that the growing resentment toward illegal immigration will continue.

Melgar-Adalid put the onus of responsibility to of Mexican/American relations on the representatives of his government who must prove the worth of the relationship through talk of trade and “the language of the bilateral relationship is shared production.”

Ironically, that’s Trump’s entire point. Mexico is benefiting from a one-sided trade relationship while also burdening the American people with the swarm of immigrants who flood the borders and setup camp in the States.

Mexico is reaping all of the benefits due to crap deals under previous administrations while the American taxpayers and consumers have to pony up to maintain the relationship AND their new Mexican (literal) neighbors.

Regardless of the screaming voices that are attempting to represent the illegal immigrants in the United States, the people of Mexico get it.

It’s their low-income population that places their middle class and upper class at risk of harm through sanctions that could be imposed by a Trump administration.

Mexicans understand the need to resolve the problem and move past the issue to repair their relationship and brand that they hold in the minds of the U.S. public.

While naysayers laugh when Trump bellows, “Mexico will pay for it,” the reality is that they may be eager to do so if it means that they can move forward and prosper with their Northern neighbor.