Violence And Vandalism: The Lefts New Strategy?

The Dems have practically declared Civil War!

Putting a former First Lady politician up against Trump didn’t work. Releasing the bloodhound Mueller on Trump didn’t work. Using sexual assault to stop Trump’s Supreme Court pick didn’t work. Now the left is trying a new tactic called violence and vandalism.

Over the past few months as the midterm elections have become more heated, the left seems to be trying a new strategy to stop Trump’s hold on Washington. Starting with Hillary Clinton and trickling down, messages of violence are spreading through the Democrat Party.

Hillary said that this is not a time for Democrats to be civil.

Former United States Attorney General said that it is time to kick Republicans when they go low.

Maxine Waters has even called for the harassment of Trump supporters. She went so far that even some Democrats spoke out against her comments.

The words are having an effect; members of the left recently assaulted two GOP candidates in Minnesota. Violence has broken out in Portland and New York recently with the radical alt-left group ANTIFA antagonizing Republicans and everyday citizens on their way to work.

Vandalism is spreading wildly too among the left with GOP offices being attacked all over the country. This past weekend the Metropolitan GOP Club was vandalized.

Two GOP offices in Arizona were recently attacked and rocks thrown through the windows.

The Albany County Republican Party headquarters was set on fire last month.

The left is clearly frustrated with Trump and the way the country is going, but the rest of America is getting tired of the tactics Democrats are resorting to. If this continues, whatever civility existed in Washington will be gone and that will make governing that much harder.

What do you think about the left’s new tactics of violence an vandalism?

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