Video: Pilot Goes Crazy On Anti-Trump Rant

The passengers on United Flight 455 from Austin Texas to San Francisco witnessed a female pilot break down in a bizarre pre-flight announcement.

As the pilot started making the pre-flight announcements, passengers knew something was wrong. She wasn’t in her uniform. The pilot was wearing street clothes. She asked the travelers if they thought she should get in her uniform or fly as is?

Her rant included blaming her divorce for her being late, and saying she didn’t vote for Trump or Hillary because they are “liars”.

Then things got a little weirder.

She told the passengers that “if you don’t feel save then get off the plane.” She continues to say that she purposely tried to offend the people on the plane.

Eventually she was relieved of her duties and did not fly the plane and after a long delay a new pilot was found and the flight made it safely to San Francisco.