Video: Bill Clinton Angers Black Lives Matter Protestors

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter has really taken form as a group of organized protestors and they went after former President Bill Clinton at a campaign stop for his wife.

Bill Clinton didn’t like it too much and lashed out. Watch the video.

The exchange didn’t last long and he tried to point to some case to make it sound like Black Lives Matter protestors were supporting drug dealing criminals and his crime bill was good. Let’s just say it didn’t go over too well.

You could see the shock in some people’s face.

After defending the super predator comments to the Black Lives Matter group, Alex Jones from Info Wars released this Tweet.

Bill Clinton is a liability to Hillary at this point; he isn’t helping her campaign at all. Not to mention the harassment Hillary gets constantly from all of Bill’s former mistresses, she has to deal with him making the “black voters” mad now too.

Hillary just needs to hide Bill Clinton, like Bill Clinton hid Roger Clinton back when he ran for president.