Trump Protester Viscously Beaten In Front Of Daughter?

Liberal Web sites are buzzing this morning with photos of a women who claims to have been viciously beaten at the Trump rally in Chicago on Friday night.

The report, which was published from an anonymous “friend” stated:

“Last night my friend’s good friend was badly beaten in front of her [teenage] daughter while she was holding a protest sign at the Trump rally in Chicago.

Her arm was broke, her head had to be stapled and she’s in terrible shape as you can imagine.

I don’t know all the details of what happened yet, but I find myself further wondering about his ‘fans.”

The photos, published below, speak for themselves.
Protester Viscously Beaten

Protester Viscously Beaten

Protester Viscously Beaten


Or do they?

It turns out that this woman had another photo taken that night . . . her mugshot.

Kathleen Griffin, a 45 year old woman from Barbeau, Michigan was arrested at 7 pm at the Trump rally and charged with battery.

While Ms. Griffin certainly looks worse for the wear, her pending battery charge shows that the story that the liberal media is running with is not all that it’s cracked up to be.

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