Trump FBI Probe Used False Evidence Linked To Clintons

Adam Schiff
"The presidency should have been hers!"

Latest findings suggest evidence that link President Donald Trump with Russia collusion was based on tainted evidence by Clinton supporters. Congressional Republicans are putting up a case against the FBI, who apparently investigated the Trump-Russia probe false evidence planted by partisans in favor of Hillary Clinton.

A Senior Republican member, who is well-versed with the evidence, said that “The fact that half to three-quarters of the evidence the FBI used to unleash the most awesome of surveillance powers upon Donald Trump’s inner circle came from sources tied directly to his Democratic opponent should worry us all, especially when that happened during an election.”

Another source added that “The FBI allowed itself to be used by Clinton partisans to parlay single-sourced, mostly unverified evidence into a counterintelligence probe with clear weaknesses that weren’t disclosed.”

The emergence of Steele and Dossier put FBI in shock, which triggered a counterintelligence investigation in the Trump-Russia collusion. Fusion GPS hired Steele, a research firm paid to research on Trump by the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

Co-Founder of Fusion GPS confronted the media, saying that he and Steele were talking to reporters, as they were angry that the Clinton email case was reopened. He reportedly said that “We decided that if James Comey wasn’t going to tell people about this investigation … we would only be fair if the world knew that both candidates were under FBI investigation,” Simpson testified.

Simpson also told the Senate Judiciary Committee, “Chris severed his relationship with the FBI out of concern that he didn’t know what was happening inside the FBI and there was a concern that the FBI was being manipulated for political ends by the Trump people.”

Republicans believe that the PI Report, Steele Dossier, and the news “all seem like independent corroborating evidence” adding that they were  “the fruits of a single politically poisoned tree planted by Clinton partisans,” said a source familiar with concerns that are raised in the House Republican Intelligence panel memo source.

The Republicans are seeking to file a full-fledged case against the Clinton party that allegedly planted fake evidence during the time of election to hinder the progress of Trump. According to a source, “Rather than quality double-sourced intelligence, it is our conclusion it was nothing more than thinly veiled, single-sourced political opposition research masquerading as Intel.”