Trump Fan Hits Protestor At Rally

Thursday at a Trump Rally in Fayetteville North Carolina, an elderly man walked up to a protestor that was being escorted out and hit him square in the face.

The protestor was one of four young people yelling out at the rally and mocking the attendees around him. It was clear the young man was not there to show support to Donald but to cause a scene.

After a few moments of boisterous and rude behavior the four were being escorted up the stairs and out of the rally. That is when cowboy hat wearing John McGraw came up and blindsided Rakeem Jones.

There was a scuffle with police and the protestors were taking out. John McGraw was later filmed saying that he enjoyed the rally and when asked if the protestor deserved it? “Yes, he deserved it. The next time we see him, we might have to kill him.”

This is a shameful and embarrassing action by this elderly Trump fan, but it truly speaks to the anger. Here is an old man who is excited about a politician running for office and was excited to go to the rally.

Then four obnoxious protestors started yelling and being rude to everyone around them. The protestors came there looking for a problem. Today, John McGraw was that problem.

Trump has been mercilessly attacked and labeled a racist. They say he is loud and rude and mocks people. Yet at the same time, the same people who disagree with Trump are showing up at his rally’s being loud and rude and mocking people.

What John McGraw did was wrong. Our society should not have to resort to violence every time we disagree. On the other hand, these four were filming their actions and trying to get “Internet famous” for a day. A goal they accomplished. But to what end?

John McGraw deserves the blame for punching a guy, but those protestors and many others intentionally disrupt Trump’s rally’s and people are tire of it. So as a warning to Trump fans, don’t punch people in the face because you could get charged with assault.

Protestors stay away from Trump’s rally’s. You are not welcome and there is a good chance you might get punched in the face.