Trump Assassination Talk Begins

Trump Assassination

Following a scare in Ohio where a 23 year-old student rushed the stage and appeared to grab the GOP frontrunner, the talk of Trump’s assassination has grown this week from all sides.

Over the weekend, a young woman named Tiana McHenry posted this tweet:

Someone, anyone . . . assassinate trump and his offspring. I don’t care if this tweet gets me on the fbi watch list I fucking hate that man.

Tiana lost her job over the post.

That’s just the most recent, but not necessarily serious, threat.

In December, five Saudi nationals were detained by Lebanon’s intelligence agency. On their private jet, a “heavily encrypted” laptop was found.

Unable to defeat the encryption, Lebanon requested the help of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service. After a few strokes by their known and exceptional hackers, the Russians found the entire travel itinerary and security plans for Donald Trump.

Conspiratorial? Sure, but still odd.

Moving on, establishment Republican consultant Rick Wilson openly said on MSNBC that, “They’re still going to have to go out and put a bullet in Donald Trump.”

Possibly a metaphor, however consultants know very well that language such as that should never be used when speaking of a presidential candidate.

More ominus was the comment published recently on the Huffington Post, in which Howard Fineman wrote, “And we can only hope that this year does not experience a season of assassination, the likes of which we had not seen since the Civil War.”

Realistically, the scenario of a possible assassination of the GOP frontrunner, was described in a video posted by Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson.

Watson’s explanation is plausible in that the Establishment is fomenting hate and anger at the candidate in the hopes that someone will take matters . . . literally . . . into their own hands.

So far, the tactic is working as the number of death threats emerging against Trump outnumber those lodged against other presidential contenders by 100 to 1.

Here are just a few:

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